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Resident Evil 2 (PSX)



This letter is just to inform about the recent moment of equipment that
has happened during the precinct's rearrangement.
"Safe with 4 digit lock" has been moved from STARS office on the second
floor,to the eastern office on the first floor.

Raccoon Police Liaison Dept.


September 20th, 9:30pm Reported: Sgt. Neil Carlsen

We received a report of a suspicious individual skulking around the sewer
in the outskirts of Raccoon city. I searched the area and located the individual,
but he ran away before I had a chance to question him.
I recovered the following items -
A small amount of C4 plastic explosives - An electronic detonator - 9x19 parabellum
rounds - Infrared scope (broken)

End of report.


- Operation Report - September 26th

The Raccoon Police Dept. was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have been
injured.Even more were killed.
During the attack, our communications equipment was destroyed and we no longer
have contact with the outside.
We have decided to carry out an operation with intent of rescuing any possible
survivers as well as to prevent this disaster from spreading beyond Raccoon
City. The details of the operation are as follows:

Security of armaments and ammunition

Chief Irons has voiced concern regarding the issue of terrorism due to a
series of recent unresolved incidents. On the very day before the zombie's
attack, he made the decision to relocate all weapons to scattered intervals
throughout the building as a tempory measure to prevent their possible seizure.
Unfortunately, this decision has made it extremely difficult to locate all
ammunition caches.
It has become our top priority to recover these scatterd munitions.

To unlock the weapon storage.

As stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult to secure all the ammunition.
However, a considerable supply still remains in the underground weapon storage.
Unfortunately, the person in charge of the card key used to access the weapon storage
is missing and we have been unable to locate the key. One of the breakers went down
during the battle and the electronic locks are not functioning in certain areas.
It has become first priority to restore the power in the power in the power room
and secure those locks.

Recorder: David Ford

- September 27th, 1:00pm -

The west barricade has been broken through and another exchange ensued. We
sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily. Twelve
more people were injured in the battle.

Recorder: David Ford

- Additional Report -

Three additional people were killed following the sudden appearance of an as
yet unknown creature. This creature is identified by missing patches of skin and
razor-like claws. However, its most distinguishing characteristic is its lance-like
tongue capable of piercing a human torso in an instant. Their numbers as well as
their location remaining unknown. We have tentatively named this creature the
"Licker" and are currently in the process of developing countermeasure to deal with
this new threat.


- Operation Report -

September 28th, Early Morning 2:30am

Zombies overran the operation room and another battle broke out. We lost four more
people, including David. We're down to four people, including myself. We failed to secure
the weapons cache and hope for our survival continue to diminish. We won't last much
longer... We agreed upon a plan to escape through the sewer. There's a path leading from
the precinct underground to the sewage disposal plant. We should be able to access the
sewers through there. The only drawback is that there is no guarantee the sewage disposal
plant is free of any possible danger. We know our chances in the sewers are slim, but
anything is better than simply waiting here to die. In order to buy more time, we locked the
only door leading to the underground, which is located in the eastern office. We left the key
behind in the eastern office since it's unlikely that any of those creatures have the intelligence
to find it and unlock the door.
I pray that this operation report will be helpful to whoever may find it.

Recorder : Elliot Edward


August 8th

I talked to the chief today once again, but he refused to listen to me. I know for certain
that Umbrella conducted T-virus research in that mansion. Anyone infected turns into
a zombie. But the entire mansion went up in the explosion; along with any incriminating
evidence. Since Umbrella employs so many people in town, no one is willing to talk
about the incident. It looks like I'm running out of options.

August 17th

We've been receiving a lot of local reports about the strange creatures appearing at random
throughout the city. This must be the work of Umbrella.

August 24th

With the help of Jill and Barry, I finally obtained information vital to this case. Umbrella
has begun research on the new G-virus, a variation of the original T-virus. Haven't they
done enough damage already ? We talked it over, and have decided to fly to the main
Umbrella HQ in Europe. I won't tell my sister about this trip because doing so will put her
in danger.
Please forgive me Claire.


Mr. Chris Redfield Raccoon City Police Dept S.T.A.R.S. Division

As per your request, we have conducted our internal investigation and discovered the
following information : 1) Regarding the G-virus currently under development by Umbrella
Inc. So far it is unconfirmed that the G-virus even exists. We're continuing with our
investigation. 2) Regarding Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon Police Dept. Mr. Irons has
allegedly received a large sum of funds in bribes from Umbrella Inc. over the last five years.
He was apparently involved in the cover up of the mansion case along with several other incidents
in which Umbrella appears to have direct involvement. Mr. Irons had been arrested under
psychiatric evaluation as a result of the charges but released due to circumstantial evidence
as well as his phenomenal academic standing.
As such extreme caution advised when dealing with him.

Jack Hamilton, Section Chief Internal Investigation United States Federal Police Department


September 23rd

It's all over. Those imbeciles from Umbrella have finally done it...Despite all their promises,
they've ruined my town. Soon the streets will be infested with zombies. I'm beginning to
think that I may be infected myself. I'll kill everyone in town if this turns out to be true!!!

September 24th

I was successful in spreading confusion among the police as planned. I've made sure that
no one from the outside will come to help. With the delays in police station, no one will
have the chance to escape my city alive. I've seen to it personally that all escape routes
from inside the precinct have been cut off as well. There are several survivors still attempting
to escape through the lower levels, but I'll make sure no one gets out.

September 26th

I've had a change of heart about the remaining survivors inside the precinct. I've decided to
hunt then down myself. I shot Ed in the back through the heart less than an hour ago. I
watched him writhe in pain upon the floor in a pool of his own blood. The expression on
his face was positively exquisite. He died with his eyes wide open, staring up at me. It was
beautiful. I wonder if the mayor's daughter is still alive ? I let her escape so I could enjoy
hunting her down later...I'm going to enjoy my new trophy. Yes, frozen forever in the pose
I choose to give her.


This report demands immediately attention. The P-Epsilon gas has been proven capable of
incapacitating all know B.O.W.s. As such, it has been designated for emergency usage in
the event of a B.O.W. escape. Report based on data collected during the prior incidents indicate
the potential for negative side effects.
The P-Eplison has proven to weaken the B.O.W.s cellular functions. However, prolonged
exposures will result in the creation of adaptive antibodies to the agent. Furthermore some
species have been observed to absorb the P-Eplison gas as a source of nutrition and use the
toxins extracted against anything that is a threat.
Use of P-Eplison gas should be severally limited to extreme cases only. We strongly request
the authority to re-evaluate the P-Eplison gas development system. We would like this re-evaluation
take place immediately.

2nd R&D Room/Security Team


April 6th

I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned against it.
When the chief found out about it, he was furious. I swear the guy nearly bit my head off,
screaming at me never to touch the statue again. If it's that importantly, maybe they shouldn't
have put it out in the open like that...

April 7th

I heard that all the art pieces from the chief's collection are rare items, literally worth hundreds
of thousand of dollars. I don't know which is the bigger mystery : where he finds these tacky
things, or where he's getting the money to pay for them.

May 10th

I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his
hands. This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged.
I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at that painting. Why anyone
would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension...


June 8th

As I was straightening up the chief's room, he burst through the door with a furious look on
his face. It's only been 2 months since I've started working here, but that was the second time
I've seen him like this. The last time was when I bumped into that statue, only this time he
looked even more agitated than ever. I serious thought for a moment that he was going to hurt

June 15th

I finally discovered that the chief has been hiding all along...If he finds out that I know, my
life will be in serious danger. It's getting late already. I'm just going to have to take this a day
at a time...


To : Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept

We have lost the mansion lab facility due to the renegade operative, Albert Wesker.
Fortunately, his interference will no lasting effect upon our continued virus research.
Our only present concern is the presence of the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members : Redfield,
Valentine, Burton, Champer and Vickers. It comes to light that S.T.A.R.S. have any evidence
to the activities of our research, dispose of them in a way that would like purely accidental.
Continue to monitor their progress and make certain their knowledge does not go public.
Annette will continue to be your contact throughout this affair.
William Birkin

To : Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept

I have deposited the amount of $10000 to the account for your services this term as per
agreement. The development of the G-virus scheduled to replace the T-virus, is near completion.
Once completed, I am certain that I will be appointed to be a member of the Executive board
for Umbrella Inc. It is imperative that we proceed with caution. Redfield and the remaining
S.T.A.R.S. members are still attempting to uncover information on the project. Continue to
monitor their activities and block all attempts to investigate the underground research facilities.
William Birkin

To : Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept

We have a problem. I have received information informing me that Umbrella HQ has sent
spies to recover my research on the G-virus. There are a number of unknown agents involved.
They must not be allowed to take this project away from me as it represents my entire life work.
Search the city thoroughly for any suspicious persons. Detain any such individuals by
whatever means possible and contact me immediately through Annette. With these precautions,
any possible threat should be eliminated. I will not allow anyone to steal my work on the G-virus.
Not even Umbrella...
William Birkin


August 11th

I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages, but did a little to lift my
spirit. I was reprimanded by the chief for neglecting my duties while I was up on the clock
tower. There's only one thing I still don't understand : the chief seemed more concerned about
the fact that I was up on the tower rather than that I was neglecting my duties. Why was access
to the tower prohibited in the first place anyway?

September 5th

I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back. His name is Thomas.
He's a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess. He even went so far as to design a special
key and lock engraved with chess pieces on them for one of the doors in the disposal yard.
We made plans to play chess tomorrow night. I can't help but wonder how good he is. One
thing that's been bothering me about him is the way that he's always scratching himself...Does
he have some sort of skin disease or is he rude?

September 9th

Thomas is a much better player than I has imagined. I used to think of myself as a fairly decent
player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling me. About the only thing I imagine that could
match his skills in chess is his appetite. All the guy did was talk about food throughout the
entire game. He sounded fairly healthy, but he didn't look quiet right...I wonder if he's okay.

September 12th

I was supposed to play another game of chess with Thomas, but we had to cancel because he
hasn't been feeling too well. He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go back and rest since
he literally looked like the walking dead. He insisted he was just fine, but I could tell he was
really having problems. Come to think of it, I haven't been feeling too good myself lately...


User List of the Connecting Facility

On the first and third Wednesday of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of maintenance, will
make use of the facilities. Be sure to reduce the moisture levels in the facility by activating
the fan, as the equipment she will be using in susceptible to the effects or water vapours. On
the 28th of every month, the chemical transporter Don Weller will use the facility. The chemicals
he will be transporting are extremely volatile. Extreme caution should be observed throughout
their transport. On the 6th and 16th of every month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the facility
to attend the regular meeting that take place in the lab. On the 4th Friday of every other month,
William Birkin will use the facility to conduct a training seminar for the Chicago branch of
Umbrella Inc. as the probability of an attack upon William Birkin will be high, take every measure
conceivable to guard his life. You will be informed of all other potential visitors and times they
will arrive as needed. Guide these individuals to their destination safely. We expect nothing but
the best for you.

Charles Coleman Secretary Chief Umbrella Headquarters


June 28th

It's been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing our work. He told me he
had been sick in bed until yesterday. It really doesn't come as much of a surprise given how
long he's been working here. He was sweating like a horse and kept scratching his body while
we were talking. I asked if he was hot, but he just looked at me funny. What's wrong with him

July 7th

Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quite often lately. I don't know what he's doing over there
but he always looks grim. The expression on his face has been even more unsettling than usual...
My guess is that it's because of Dr. Birkin's impossible requests. The chief has my sympathies
though. After all he's done for the town, he doesn't deserve this.

July 21st

I rarely drink because I'm on the graveyard shift, but I don't suppose I have much to complain
about it since this is how I make my living.

August 16th

Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self. I tried to joke with him to
cheer him up but he wasn't amused. He pulled his gun and threatened to shoot me ! I was able
to calm him down, but that guy must have some serious problems. He knows he can't enter the
lab without my help and my medal. This is what it means for the chief "to serve and protect"!?

August 21st

William informed me that the police and media have begun their investigation on Umbrella's
affair. He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is a possible they'll even
search through the sewer. He asked me to suspend all Umbrella sewer facility operations until
the investigation has concluded. The sewer will still be used for passage, but he stressed that
I have to be extremely cautions and that I'd lose my job if anyone finds out about this operation.


Security measure in case of an emergency

In the instance of an uncontainable biohazardous breakout, all security measures will be
directed toward the underground transport facility. In the instance that any abnormalities
are detected among cargo it transit, designated high-speed train. At which point, all materials
will be isolated and disposed of without delay. In the instance of a Class 1 emergency, the entire train will be purged and disposed of without delay. In the instance that the lab itself becomes contaminated, the northern most route currently used to transport materials to and from the facility will be designated as an emergency escape route. This route will secure passage to the relay point outside the city limits. Disclosure about any information regarding research conducted here, or the existence of this facility, is strictly prohibited. Since it is top priority to keep all research classified, escape access may be denied under certain extenuating circumstances.


Temporary User Registration for the Culture Experiment Room. User Name : "GUEST" Password: None Valid for 24 hours.


Any beings infected by the G-virus will reproduce through the impregnation of an embryo within another living being. Unless rejected by the host, the embryo will undertake a process of gradual cellular invasion, infecting the host's cells on a molecular level as it rewrites their DNA. Once the metamorphosis is complete, the host will be capable of continuing this cycle of self-replication. The duration of time for the process to run its course will vary from subject to subject. In the early stages of cellular invasion, it is possible to hart progression of the metamorphosis through the administration of the G-vaccine antigen. The following procedure details its synthesis. The vaccine creation requires the base vaccine. This can be arranged by the activator VAM. First set the empty cartridge to the VAM and activate it. After the several moments the process will be complete and the white-color base vaccine will be set in the cartridge automatically. Then confirm the green light is on, remove the cartridge and proceed to the next step. Once the base vaccine has been prepared, set it in the vaccine synthesis machine located in the P-4 level experiment room. The machine is fully automated and only requires the user to push the sequence start switch. At this point, the program will run automatically and synthesis will be complete within approximately 10 seconds. As the synthesis of DEVIL is an extremely delicate process, the quality will vary with slight shocks or changes in temperature. Careful handling is required for the proper results.


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