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The Lost Files

Hello and welcome to The Lost Files. My purpose in starting this site is to have an online preservation of a very overlooked and important detail to many games in the survival horror genre, the in-game files and memos. Without these literary hints, many of us would be left scratching our heads and wondering how characters and situations relate. These memos also give us a sense of being connected to the story in a more personal fashion. It's as if someone actually took the time to write a memo, so they must be more human, thus possessing feelings and thought. Without these pieces of connectivity, the survival horror games we love to play so much would be little more that boring "shooters" with little or no story or real purpose. Hacking and slashing your way through a mass of rotting zombies or strategically running past a pissed off nurse in a mental hospital would have zero meaning. What would be the purpose?

Thank the powers that be for the genius and intelect involved in the tayloring of this small, yet, integral part of these games. Without the psychological subtilties and imagary that these memos and text provide, we would have a very boring gaming experience to say the least.

Whats More

Much work and time has gone into translating these files and presenting them here so they can be read and referenced by everyone. So please, if you use this site to supply your own site with files or are quoting them then please give credit as to where they came from. Obviously, I did not write the files, but I did spend alot of time getting them to here where they can be read. far!


Resident Evil - CowboyFromHell
Resident Evil 2 - Trent
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - CowboyFromHell
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X - ControlFreak
Resident Evil 0 - CowboyFromHell
Resident Evil 4 - CowboyFromHell
Trevor's Letters - CowboyFromHell
Wesker's Report - CowboyFromHell
Ada's Report - ControlFreak

Silent Hill - CowboyFromHell
Silent Hill 2 - CowboyFromHell
Silent Hill 3 - CowboyFromHell
Silent Hill 4: The Room - Trent

Fatal Frame - ControlFreak

The Real Credit

The files and memos transcribed herein are the intellectual and legal property of their respective owners.

Resident Evil © Copyright Capcom
Silent Hill © Copyright Konami
Fatal Frame © Copyright Tecmo


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