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Fatal Frame (PS2)


Kirie's Diary

Kirie's Diary 1
(Seeing a man walking in the garden)

While I was looking out the window today, I saw somebody walking in the garden. He didn't notice me. He was just walking around leisurely, gazing at the trees and hills.

I saw him again today, walking in the garden. He saw me once, too, and waved to me. I don't know why, but my face got hot, and I ducked out of sight.
When I told the chief priest about it, he was terribly surprised.
He told me I wasn't to look out the window again for a while.

Kirie's Diary 2
(Meeting the man)

Today is the day I get to walk outside. I was walking in the mansion's atrium when he suddenly appeared from out of the guest room.
It's the first time I've talked to an outsider since I came here. It was so much fun!

He came to see me. He let me out of the room, and we went outside. He taught me the names of all the flowers.
Everything about this is so new to me! My face got hot again today. But I didn't want to hide this time...

Kirie's Diary 3
(Her feelings about him)

He came to see me again today. The chief priest said we mustn't go out into the garden, so we just stayed in the room and talked.
He told me so many interesting things about the outside world. I feel so happy when I'm with him...! So very, very happy!

I walked in the garden with him today. How beautiful the cherry blossoms are!
He's taught me so much since we've met.
I never even feel lonely anymore.

Kirie's Diary 4
(He stopped coming)

It's been five days already since he stopped coming. When I asked about it, the chief priest told me he'd gone back to his home village. Why would he leave all of a sudden like that...? Especially now, when I soon won't be able to see him anymore at all...?

I had a bad dream about him.
He was looking at me with sad eyes. Such sad eyes! His eyes looked like they wanted to tell me something...
He didn't go home. The priests did something to him... but why?

Kirie's Diary 5
(He has been "hidden")

The priests hid him because they thought I wouldn't have been able to properly be the Shrine Maiden otherwise...

What did I get him into...?

It's all my fault!

I just wanted to be with him...

I wanted us to be together forever and ever!

That's all I wanted...

I didn't want him to get hurt!

Kirie's Diary 6
(She wanted to be with him forever)

The Strangling Ritual will be held soon. The master and the priests are performing their ablutions. And it looks like the whole family has gathered here at the mansion for the ritual. The mansion is usually so lonely... But for today anyway, it's bustling with life.

One of the priests was staring at me today. He looked so sad.

I'm the Rope Shrine Maiden...

I have a very important obligation to fulfill...

But how can I perform my duty as the Shrine Maiden now, feeling the way I do?
Now that I've found out the true joy of living?
And now that I've gone and gotten that poor man involved?

Mafuyu's Notebook

Mafuyu's Notes 1
(Himuro Mansion and the missing novelist)

Himuro Mansion Investigation

Himuro Mansion was once the home of a large landowner that controlled vast areas of land.
They also say that the site held some special significance that had to do with Shinto rituals of the region. (I couldn't find any detailed books about the Shinto rituals, though.)
The last master of the Himuro family line massacred his entire household. Later, another family that tried to live there disappeared.
Because of incidents like these, nobody visits the mansion today, and it lies in ruins.
Maybe that's why there aren't any accounts of the Shinto rituals, and why the exact location of the place isn't recorded anywhere.

September 24th
I've had a bad feeling ever since I came to this mansion. I'm leaving notes in this notebook, just in case anything happens to me.
I've got to find Mr. Takamine and the others fast... I hope it's not too late!

Mafuyu's Notes 2
(The mansion's curse)

I must have been passed out. I'm afraid it's too late to help Mr. Takamine... If only I had come to sooner! The spirits in this mansion are very powerful.
The force behind this curse must be here somewhere... And I'm going to start looking for it right now!

Mafuyu's Notes 3
(The mansion is changing)

The mansion has started to change. As far as I can figure out, the ghosts are trying to pull me back into the past. The spirits are using their power to make parts of the mansion revert to the way they were in the past. The ghosts of that era are beginning to stir.
Just what exactly happened in this mansion, anyway? And just what do the ghosts want me to do about it?

Mafuyu's Notes 4
(The woman in a white kimono)

I felt some especially powerful energy off of that woman in the white kimono. I think she's probably the one behind this mansion's curse.
I have to appease her spirit somehow, before anyone else falls victim to this mansion!
I have to find out what exactly is keeping her drawn back to this world.
And why did she let me go when she had me, I wonder? Maybe that has something to do with it...

Mafuyu's Notes 5
(Ghosts of the women with the gauged-out eyes)

It looks like the ghosts of the women with the gauged-out eyes react strongly to sounds. If I'm really quiet, I can get away without being noticed.

Mafuyu's Notes 6
(The note left for Miku)

Dear Miku,
I know it's weird, but I see you sometimes here in the mansion. I run after you, but I always end up losing sight of you... There must be some kind of warp in time here now. We'll probably never be able to find each other... Were you worried about me? Is that why you came?
I hope you get this note. I need you to help me. The force behind the curse of Himuro Mansion is a woman named Kirie. She was sacrificed in a ritual, and her sad spirit was exposed to the Malice that spilled out of hell when the Calamity happened.
Now she's a miserable creature that taints everything she comes into contact with.
Apparently, I remind her of the man she was in love with. I somehow just knew that when she touched me... I plan on going to see her now. If I don't, this mansion will keep right on claiming victims...
Kirie laments her ill-fated life but, at the same time, she also regrets not having been able to fulfill her duties as the Shrine Maiden.
I saw the image of Kirie as a child. She was looking for somebody to help her - to help her other, tortured self.
Kirie is like a person divided in two...

Miku, I want you to help Kirie if you can.

You have to seal off the Hell Gate with the Holy Mirror...

Priest's Writings

Priest's Writings 1
(Kirie and the young man)

Kirie has been acting strangely ever since she met the young guest. I do not suppose she is attracted to him...? If she becomes too deeply involved with this world because of him, she may lose her potential as a proper Shrine Maiden. We will have to do something, and quickly.

Priest's Writings 2
("Hiding" the guest)

We followed the master's orders and hid the guest. I told Kirie our guest had gone home. We will have to carry the body far, far away, so that Kirie never finds out. I felt sorry for the poor man, but what else could I do? We priests must protect the Rope Shrine Maiden at all costs.

Priest's Writings 3
(Kirie's behaviour and anxiety about ritual)

I believe now that the master's decision was a poor one. Kirie has realised that we hid the guest.
Kirie is depressed and anxious. The day of the ritual is fast approaching. I hope and pray everything goes well...!

Priest's Writings 4

The ritual failed. The mansion is filled with the Malice. And that Malice has made the master lose his sanity. Who would have thought this Calamity would happen... ? It is all over now. There is no telling what will happen unless we find a way to close the gate before it opens completely !

Old Diary Scrap

Folklorist's Diary 1
(Moving to Himuro Mansion)

May 20th
We've finally gotten through the move to Himuro Mansion. I had a hard time cutting through all the red tape with the local officials.
But, just as I'd hoped, the air is fresh here! It should be good for Yae in her poor health.
My daughter Mikoto seems to like this area, too. She's made friends here already, and is enjoying herself. Yae seems to think this old mansion is spooky, but I plan to do some work on it. Make it easier for her to live in. (Once I get settled in my research.)
The best thing about living here is that I don't have to go out to do my research. It's all here in this mansion. I can be right here by Yae's side all of the time.

Folklorist's Diary 2
(Investigating Himuro Mansion)

June 2nd
Since we moved to Himuro Mansion, my research is progressing even more quickly than I had hoped.
The other day, I found some documents left by the last master of the Himuro line. They say he went on a murderous rampage and then committed suicide...
This mansion is filled with tricky devices and mechanisms. And there seem to be some rooms that aren't shown on the house plans... I'm absolutely certain there are many more documents hidden around the place somewhere.

June 5th
I know people in this area are standoffish by nature, but the locals here are especially reticent when it comes to talking about the ritual. The Rope Shrine Maiden, the Holy Mirror, the Calamity... I'm sure the ritual must be the key to understanding all of these legends.

Folklorist's Diary 3
(The camera the girl found)

June 13th
Mikoto found an odd camera. She said she found it in the mansion when she was playing Demon Tag. I tried asking her exactly where in the mansion, but she keeps saying a girl in a white kimono gave it to her. I can't find out any more about it.

June 14th
I had a look at the camera Mikoto found yesterday, but I didn't see anything special about it. It was probably left here some time ago by somebody that came to investigate the mansion.

June 15th
The weather was wonderful today, and Yae seemed to be feeling better.
The three of us decided to take a walk in the mountains. Yae hadn't been out in long time, and she really seemed to enjoy it.
She had fun with Mikoto's camera, taking pictures with it all day long.

Folklorist's Diary 4
(Yae's illness)

June 18th
These past few days, Yae has been taking pictures with Mikoto's camera all over the mansion.
I asked her what she was taking pictures of, but she just kept mumbling "I can see them," as if she were delirious. She wouldn't say anything else...

June 19th
Ever since the day we walked in the mountains, Yae hasn't been feeling very well. Today she's in bed and very ill.

Lady's Diary Scrap

Folklorist's Wife's Papers 1
(The mansion they moved to)

June 10th
Mikoto really seems to like this mansion. She's playing Demon Tag here with her neighborhood friends again today. I guess a big mansion is the perfect place for kids to play. But for people in my sickly condition, it's a little too big...

June 15th
Today was a wonderful day.
My husband, my daughter and I took a walk in the mountains. I'm feeling pretty good these days, and I was even able to walk quite a distance today.
I had so much fun!

Folklorist's Wife's Papers 2
(The camera capturing things)

June 18th
That camera seems to have some kind of uncanny power. It can capture things that aren't even there...
Mikoto begged me to let her have the camera back.
I don't understand the things that camera captures... But I know I can never let Mikoto see them!
I have to protect her.
Something terrible is going to happen. I can feel it.

Folklorist's Wife's Papers 3
(The daughter disappears)

June 13th
Mikoto found an odd camera. She said she found it in the mansion when she was playing Demon Tag. I tried asking her exactly where in the mansion, but she keeps saying a girl in a white kimono gave it to her. I can't find out any more about it.

June 24th
Mikoto is missing. She said she was only going to play Demon Tag here in the mansion. I don't think she would have gone outside...
She had that camera with her...
None of Mikoto's four friends have come back either. It's as if they've been snatched up away by ghosts...

June 27th
It's been three days since Mikoto was snatched away from us.
Everything has been so strange!
Ever since we moved to this mansion...
Ever since we got that camera...
If I lost my sanity now, too, I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. I could be free...

I can see them... I can see them now even without the camera...

Yae's Death Note

Folklorist's Wife's Death Note
(About the daughter vanishing)

Death Note

Dear Ryozo,
It's all my fault...
It's all because I let Mikoto use the camera that day!
And now evil spirits have gone and taken her away from us...
It's all my fault. I'm sorry.

Childs Writing

Paper with a child's handwriting
(About a girl named Mikoto)

Isn't Mikoto ever going to come find me? We're supposed to be playing Demon Tag, and she's supposed to be the "demon". Did she quit, maybe?
Hey, I wonder if Mikoto likes me? If she ever comes and finds me, maybe I"ll just ask her!

Black Notebook Scrap

Novelist Takamine's Notes 1
(The mansion's lore: next works plot)

Plot of my next work
- Junsei Takamine

A series of murders in a country village. Dead bodies turn up one after another. Murders that resemble cruel Shinto rituals of legend in the area. The acts of a man sworn to revenge, and the strange correlation between those acts and the folklore.
The man is gradually more and more influenced by the legends. The work will be the story of this man, proceeding in parallel with the tales of local lore. Records of the past discovered after an earthquake. The story gradually blurs the boundary between the present and the past.

July 24th - About Himuro Mansion
Himuro Mansion is known as the home of a large landowner that controlled this region. But they say it was originally the place a shrine was built for performing a certain Shinto ritual, passed down through the generations.
But the people of that time kept the ritual a deep, dark secret. They were even forbidden to speak it's name aloud. Today, almost no accounts of the ritual exist, aside from a smattering of folklore legends.

Novelist Takamine's Notes 2
(Finding editor Ogata's body)

September 13th, 9:30am
We found Ogata's body. His head, hands and feet were strangled off... What happened to him is just like the strange deaths that occurred here long ago.
There was a photo of Ogata near him. In it, there was something that looked like ropes on his neck, arms and legs.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the Rope Shrine Maidens in the legends around here, the girls that had ropes tied to their neck, arms and legs too...?

September 13th, 12:10pm
Tomoe is acting strangely. She's been mumbling nonsense all morning. Something about ropes... And mirrors... I can't blame her for going to pieces, though, after seeing what happened to Ogata.

Novelist Takamine's Notes 3
(Hirasaka's condition getting worse)

September 13th, 3:00pm
Tomoe's condition is getting worse and worse. She can't stop shaking, and she keeps mumbling the same words over and over. I don't know if what's happening is anything supernatural or not. But in any case, I think we'd better leave as soon as possible.
Tomoe is in such bad shape, she can't even move. I guess I'll have to look for a way out of here myself. Even if we waited for help, I doubt anyone would ever come looking for us...

Novelist Takamine's Notes 4
(The Rope Shrine Maiden and Kirie)

September 14th, 10:00am
That woman that Tomoe called "Kirie" looks just like the descriptions of the Rope Shrine Maiden in the legends. And there's a strong resemblance too, between the way Tomoe and Ogata died and the manner of the deaths in the folklore.
So that woman is the Rope Shrine Maiden, is she...?

Novelist Takamine's Notes 5
(Holy Mirror, mystery of the mansion)

September 15th, 8:00pm
In the materials Tomoe gathered for me, there's a paragraph about five pieces of mirror passed down through the Himuro family for generatons. These pieces were said to seal off the Hell Gate and protect the region from a great disaster. They might have something to do with the current hellish situation.
Five Holy Mirrors in shrines around the area all broke in a small earthquake the other day. When I heard about it, it gave me the idea for this next work of mine. I think I brought a news article about it with me when I cme here.
It says there were only five Holy Mirrors in existence. But according to some legends, there is another - the True Holy Mirror. The folklorist also mentions this in his research documents, the ones I found here in the mansion. (I think I dropped the research documents somewhere when I was trying to escape that cursed woman.)
Here are my theories. I think that the five mirrors that were destroyed in the earthquake the other day had the role of "watching over" the True Holy Mirror. I don't think it was the earthquake that broke the five Holy Mirrors in the shrines.
I think it was a signal that the seal on the Hell Gate that the Himuro True Holy Mirror provides had broken for some reason. The five mirrors were trying to warn us.

Novelist Takamine's Notes 6
(Takamine's last hope)

I'm about to go to the shrine deep within Himuro Mansion, where they say a piece of the True Holy Mirror is kept. The curse has aready left it's mark on my four limbs. There's no escaping it. About the only thing left now that I can do is try to reseal the Hell Gate. It's my last hope.
I've already found four of the Buddha statues I need to get a piece of the mirror. And I've managed to find an old documant that tells of the location of the fifth statue
"Make observance to the Buddha," At the base of the large gate, "So that the souls of the piteous maidens," Can reach up to the heavens."
If all goes well, no one will ever have to read these notes, and I can use them toward the content of my next book. In closing, I would like to thank my assistant and my partner, Tomoe Hirasaka.
If it weren't for the words she left with me, I wouldn't have been able to complete this, my final work. If I don't return, please give her a decent burial.

Signed, Junsei Takamine
September 15th

Red Notebook Scrap

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 1
(Existence of book about mansion)

August 20th
It seems a folklorist named Ryozo Munakata was studying about the various rituals passed down at Himuro Mansion. He supposedly left a book of research, but I can't find it anywhere. I wonder if there's a copy in a library somewhere?

August 30th
I still can't find the book.
I'll have Koji Ogata from the editing departmant do a search for it. I doubt he'll be able to find it, though.

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 2
(Anxiety about Himuro assignment)

August 27th
The more I find out about Himuro Mansion, the creepier it gets. I'm sure it's the perfect subject matter for Mr. Takamine's next book, but, to be perfectly honest, I don't like this assignment one bit. It gives me a bad feeling...
There's no way I want to go to that mansion. But it's my job, right? I guess I'll have to go. And I wouldn't want to waste the chance to work with Mr. Takamine just because of a little bit of uneasiness, either.
It doesn't help I have this sixth sense for the supernatural, either.
There's such a thing as knowing TOO much, sometimes...

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 3
(Seeing the woman in a white kimono)

September 10th, 8:10pm
I clearly saw the image of a woman, in front of a mirror near the entrance. She had long hair and a white kimono. There were ropes tied to her arms and legs, and she dragged them along when she walked.
I think I heard Koji talk about something like that, too.
There's something VERY wrong about this mansion.

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 4
(The kimono woman's name)

September 11th, 6:30am
I saw that woman in the white kimono again. She's trying to tell me something. She knows I have this special sense for ghostly things... The woman's name is... Kirie. So, it's Kirie, huh?
I shouldn't get any closer than this.
I don't want to get any closer...
I'm scared.

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 5
(Looks like hallucinations she had)

September 12th, 1:45pm
My sixth sense is telling me some children are playing here. I can't see them, but they keep calling to me. Are they playing tag? Or hide-and-seek, maybe? They might be the children in that photo.

September 12th, 4:30pm
There were human heads in that room... so many of them! They were cut off by the Himuro family master... They were all trying to tell me something.
I never should have come here. I should have trusted that sixth sense of mine.

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 6
(Looks like delirious nonsense)

The mirror is breaking... Smash! A broken mirror... People on the floor, all over the mansion. So many people. All those people! What are they running from? And then at the end, with such desperate looks on their faces...!
Something's coming this way. From deep within the mansion... A coldness... It's colder than anything I've ever felt! I don't know anymore if this is a dream or real...

Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 7
(Wants to tell Takamine something)

A little girl in a white kimono keeps pleading to me. I can't keep my mind focused, but her voice rings in my head and won't leave. But what does she want me to do for her?
I can't even get out of this mansion, anymore...

Broken. Five pieces...
The mirror...!

Tell Mr. Takamine...
... the way to break the curse...

Research Notes

Editor Ogata's Notes 1
(About folklorist that lived in mansion)

August 20th
Mr. Takamine needs some background material for his next work. There's a book about Himuro Mansion by a certain folklorist, and I'm supposed to look for it. A book about Shinto rituals and legends form every part of the country.
Author: Ryozo Munakata
Title: Unknown

August 22nd
I can't find the book, but I did some checking on the folklorist. I found out he moved into Himuro Mansion to do research on it. But after some certain event, he and his whole family disappeared.
I couldn't find the book, but I found a news article from that period about it. It's a small missing persons story, but it might be helpful as background material.

Editor Ogata's Notes 2
(Mansion and Takamine's next work)

September 10th, 11:00am
It looks like the earthquake last month and the murders in that village have something to do with Himuro Mansion. This stuff is all probably going into Mr. Takamine's next book. He really seems to be into this subject matter! HIs output rate should be good.

September 10th, 4:00pm
The entrance door is broken.
When in the world did that happen?
It won't open. I'll have to find another way out.

Editor Ogata's Notes 3
(He doesn't feel well)

September 11th
I haven't been feeling well since two nights ago. Actually, it's more like ever since Tomoe took my picture... What in the world does the rope in this photo mean, I wonder?

Editor Ogata's Notes 4
(Looks like delirious nonsense)

Now there's another rope!

And another rope...!

Editor Ogata's Notes 5
(Chart of numbers for mansion's devices)

September 10th, 1:10pm
There seem to be a few devices in this mansion that are engraved with old characters. When I asked Mr. Takamine about them, he said they correspond to numbers.
I understand the first few.
They're the old characters for the numbers 0 through 3. But I don't get the rest.
They're characters that have the same readings as 4 through 9, but mean something different.

I guess each one has a special meaning. I'll figure out the rest later.


Five Buddhas Document

Text On Old Scroll
(The five Buddha statues)

Bury the Rope Maiden's spirit.

Place the five Buddha with her damaged limbs.

Five Stones Document

Text On Old Scroll
(The five stones)

Give thanks to the five gods' protection.

Place the stone, representing the five mirrors, in the correct location.

Document On Binding

Text On Old Scroll
(How to tie ropes for the ritual)

Show the maiden no mercy.

Cast the rope on her limbs from right arm, then the other.

From the right foot, then the other.

Strangling Ritual

Text On Old Scroll
(The strangling ritual)

Strangling Ritual
On the 13th day of the 12th month, a maiden, cut off from the outside world for 3669 long days, shall be torn apart to provide power to the rope.

Blind Demon Ritual

Text On Old Scroll
(The blind demon ritual)

Blind Demon Ritual
On the 26th day of the 11th month, in preparation for the Strangling Ritual 10 years later, choose a maiden with holy power.

She should be past the age of 7 years, 9 months, and 25 days.

The Calamity

Text On Old Scroll
(The calamity)

In the year 1837, on the 13th day of the 12th month -
The Strangling Ritual failed and caused the Calamity.

Malice escaped, and 1347 souls were lost.

Research Scrap

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The Himuro family rituals)

Secret Rituals of the Himuro Family

Many rituals and customs have been passed down through generations of the Himuro family. Most of them are lost. The only things we have left now are some documents that record these rituals as a legend.
Hardly any of the oral history remains. This is because all Himuro family members are dead, and those who were close to the family kept quiet about the ritual.
One ritual in particular, performed on December 13th, is shrouded in mystery. People who lived near the mansion stayed inside on that particular day, and even now, it is considered bad luck to leave the windows open on that date.
I can only assume that this is due to the cruel nature of the ritual, but the truth remains unknown.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The Calamity)

The Disaster called The Calamity

Long ago, great tragedy struck this region. One legend calls this event "The Calamity," but reveals no detail regarding the disaster which unfolded.
A brief description of the event is as follows: "The mirrors, kept in the five shrines broke, and the dead returned from Hell." I wonder what sort of disaster it must have been, because the passage can't be literal.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The holy mirror legend)

The Legend of the Holy Mirrors
(The mirrors of the five gods)

The Holy Mirrors, held in five shrines in this region, are most commonly known as "the mirrors of the five gods." The legend tells that the five gods, before leaving this land, created these mirrors as a means of protecting the village.
Some legends mention another mirror. The story is that all five mirrors were used together to fend off a huge disaster (whether this was the Calamity or not is not known.)
It is not known whether the ritual mentioned above is related in any way to the one performed by the Himuro family, but there is the correlation of the mirrors.
However, the actual existence of the legendary Holy Mirror, one complete mirror, has not been confirmed, and it is not known what the legend is based on.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The masks used in rituals)

The Ritual Masks and their Meaning

In the Himuro rituals, masks play a very important role. One of them is called the Blinding Mask, which is used in the Demon Tag Ritual. Two stakes pierce through the eyes of the Blinding Mask.
It is used in the Demon Tag Ritual as a blindfold.
The legend goes, "While the demon is blindfolded, enter the rope alter and perform the ritual." This might mean that the Blinding Mask is a key to the rope alter.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The mask of reflection)

Mask of Reflection

The mask worn by the Himuro family master is called the "Mask of Reflecton." The legend goes, "It can become the face of an angel or a demon," meaning it's facial expression reflects the nature of the one who is wearing the mask.
Inside Himuro Mansion is the Mask Room, where all the masks used for the rituals are kept, and the mask of reflection serves as it's key. The document mentioned that the mask, when worn by the master, turned into the face of a demon at the last ritual.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The meaning of the ritual masks)

The Masks and their Significance in Rituals

The Binding Ritual and the Demon Tag Ritual are performed by the Himuro family master.
The master wears a mask when he performs the ritual. This is probably to eliminate the maiden of all worldly connections.
All participants of the ritual are family members.
Meaning, "The one who is sacrificed and the one who performs the sacrifice" may be directly related.
My theory is that the mask serves to eliminate the maiden's attachment toward her family.
Gouging out the eyes of the demon in the Blind Demon Ritual may have similar meaning.

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The moon shrine)

Moon Shrine

The small shrine in the atrium of Himuro Mansion is called the Moon Shrine. It enshrines the maidens who were sacrificed in rituals.
Inside the Moon Shrine is an empty well called the Moon Well. The moonlight shines down to the bottom on the night of the ritual.
The Rope Shrine Maiden is supposed to purify her body with moonlight at the bottom of the well. The bottom of the well is connected to the basement, and only the Maiden uses this path to reach the basement.
According to the legend, the first Rope Maiden was buried in the Moon Shrine. However, no body or documents were found inside.
I wonder where the first Rope Maiden has been enshrined...

Ryozo Munakata Research Document
(The mystery of the cabinet)

The Mystery of the Cabinet and the Moon Well

The Moon Well, inside the Moon Shrine, is hidden with a trick mechanism. The cabinet moves and opens up the entrance to the Moon Well when a certain routine has been performed, but I have no idea how this is done.
There is only a vague description of the trick device. "Acquire the symbols from the four rope-pullers, and show the Himuro family master's seal."
This must mean that opening the door requires the symbols carried by the four priests participating in the ceremony, and the Himuro family master's seal. However, now that the family has ceased to exist, there is no way of knowing how to acquire either the symbols or the seal.

Ryozo Munakata Research Documents
(The hell gate, the other world)

Himuro Rituals and Other-world Beliefs

The supposed purpose of the Strangling Ritual is to close the "gate." Since "gate" is a word that signifies boundary, the Strangling Ritual must have some connection to the other-world beliefs of this region.
This region has strong beliefs in "other worlds" since ancient times. The other-world beliefs are found in other parts of the country.
in most cased, "gate" means "land of the dead."
It's safe to assume that the "gate" mentioned here is a door that connects this world to the land of the dead. A disaster called the Calamity will occur if that door opens. According to the legend, at the moment the door opens, the Malice pours out of Hell, and the dead come back to this world.
My theory is that a maiden is sacrificed in the Strangling Ritual in order to close and seal the gate, and to prevent the Calamity.

News Clipping

Clipping from a Local Newspaper
("Quake breaks Holy Mirror")

The earthquake the other day destroyed all five mirrors (the Holy Mirrors) which were artifacts kept for centuries in the five shrines. These mirrors represent the five gods' protection over this region.
Most commonly known for the "Five Gods Festival" held every 10 years, when all five mirrors gather in one shrine.
The priests of the shrine hope that this isn't a bad omen.

News Clipping

Clipping from a Local Newspaper
("Dead body found on Mountain")

Late yesterday, a human body with no limbs was found on Himuro Mountain, located in the southern region of the prefecture. The body's hands, feet and head were all torn off.
The police is investigating the case as both a murder and accident.
The body has not been identified, but is believed to be a man around the age of 30.
The police is also taking into consideration the fact that a body, mutilated in the same manner, was found in the same location 15 years ago.

Old News Article
("Taken by ghosts? Four Children Missing.")

On the night of the 3rd, the police received a report that four children failed to return home after 9pm.
There is an old superstition in the surrounding villages about children being snatched away by ghosts, and some villagers indeed suspect that this is what has happened to the four kids.

Old News Article
("Girl, Thought taken by ghosts, Found.")

The girl who has been missing for three days in the Himuro Mountain area, and rumored to have been snatched away by ghosts, has been found by a local man. She is fatigued, but in good health.
The police plan to wait for her recovery and ask her about the other three children.
The girl's parents have also been missing the day after her disappearance.
The police is looking for a foster home for the girl.

Old News Article
("Missing girl's New Home Found")

The girl, who has been found after three days of mysterious disappearance, has been adopted.
Mr. Hinasaki, a close friend of Mr. Ryozo Munakata (also missing) will adopt the girl.
The girl's parents were missing even after she returned, so the police was looking for a foster home or adoptive family.
The girl does not remember anything from her disappearance, and the three other children are still missing.

News Clipping

News Article in Mafuyu's Notebook
("Star Mystery Novelist Missing")

There was a report yesterday that a star novelist, Mr. Junsei Takamine (age 42), has been missing since the 8th of this month.
Mr. Takamine's assistant, Tomoe Hirasaka, and his editor, Koji Ogata, are also missing.
Mr. Takamine last made a phone call to his publishers on September 8th, regarding his research trip, and has not been heard from for 14 days. The publishers first assumed that the research was taking longer than expected, but since there were no calls from Mr. Ogata, they decided to file a missing person's report.

Audio Tapes

White Tape 1
(It was in the tape recorder)

September 9th, 5:40pm
The mansion was nowhere to be seen on the map, so we finally had to ask the locals how to find it. They told us that Himuro Mansion had been empty for several decades now.
The same ones who told us where it was, also warned us not to come here, which was quite disconcerting.

White Tape 2
(It's been used halfway through)

September 9th, 9:40pm
It seemed dangerous to walk through the Mountain at night, so we decided to spend the night here and continue our work.
I've been through several rooms already. Unlike the exterior, the interior is in quite good shape.
A little earlier, I thought I saw a white, shadowy figure of a woman, in the hallway near the entrance. I'll keep track of such sightings and publish them in a later account.

Red Tape 1
(It says "Research - 1" on the label)

September 10th, 10:20am
We discovered some disturbing photos in a chest of drawers. Could these be the folklorist's children, mentioned in Koji's notes?
The photo is quite old and shows some kids playing tag. In the corner of the photo there is a faint image of a young girl, in a white kimono. Her finger is pointed this way and her eyes look like she's making some silent accusation.

Red Tape 2
(It says "Research - 2" on the label)

September 11th, 8:16pm
We looked all over the mansion but we still couldn't find Koji. While true that this mansion is huge, I'm certain we would've found him by now.
Could he have already left?
He's been saying something about "more ropes", since we took some photos, yesterday.

Red Tape 3
(It says "Research - 3" on the label)

September 12th, 9:00am
I found Koji. His death was just like the one in the mountain village. His head and limbs were severed.
I can't believe what's happening!

Red Tape 4
(It says "Research - 4" on the label)

Since we met that girl, I've seen many strange visions. All the ghosts in the mansion howl and scream at me! I don't think they'll ever let me out of this mansion!
I don't even know how long I can hold on to my sanity!
Anyway, I'm leaving this tape. If ever someone listens to this, please, tell me what has happened to me!
Still, I hope it's just a dream...

Blue Tape 1
(Got it from on top of the well)

September 12th, 3:20 pm
I know this sounds crazy but there's something here besides us in this mansion. I've seen it myself. It was the woman in the white kimono. Something is definitely happening here. Have we unknowingly awakened something? Or perhaps we've been lured here to die?

Blue Tape 2
(From pedestal at Narukami Shrine)

Is she the one causing this disaster? All of those earlier deaths, Koji, Tomoe, all of them, am I the next to die? The Rope Shrine Maiden Ritual has told of the legend. Both arms, legs and neck, it's said when all five have been marked, the curse has been completed. The rope has appeared on my photo. I'm running out of time.


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